Apr 15, 2010

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Mar 20, 2010

Sunyata: Transfigurations in Silk is a live-process art event featuring silk painting, costume creation and dance. The work is an assay into the transitory nature of the artistic process and the mutable, transformative properties of silk (a material that is central to my work as textile artist and costume designer). The event also explores how a personal and private creative process can become public, performative and participatory.

Instructions to the Visitor:

1) Contribute inspiration to the process

Please offer an inspiring image, object, idea, dream or wish. On day four of the event,Ariana will begin incorporating these artifacts of inspiration into her painting process. Feel free to write or draw something with the pen and paper provided, or return at a later time with your artifact of inspiration.

2) Take a picture

Please take at least one picture while you are visiting. Ariana wants to know what you see. Please use the canon finepix camera on the table and return it when you are done.

3) Honor the creative atmosphere

Feel free to talk to the Ariana as long as you understand that she may not respond immediately or may politely ask to remain quiet for the time being. Ariana is a nice person and under most circumstances will be happy to talk to you.

4) Leave your mailing address (you will receive something in return)

Write your address on mailing label provided and deposit it in the large wooden vessel marked "addresses." Your privacy will be protected.

Mar 8, 2010

Sunyata: Transfigurations in Silk
A live-process art installation by M.F.A. Candidate Ariana Schwartz
with live silk painting and costume creation
Lighting installation by Lih-Hwa Yu | Technical direction by Dorian Robison

When: Monday, March, 22nd through Sunday, March 28th
10:00 am-8:00 pm each day
March 22nd-27th: live silk painting on a 80 ft continuous silk wall
March 28th: silk wall will be transformed into costumes on dancers bodies

Where: Payne Theatre Lobby, Winship Building
23rd and San Jacinto
Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Texas, Austin

Please bring an artifact of inspiration to contribute to the process such as:
an image, object, story, quote, wish, dream, idea.... anything that inspires you!
Ariana will integrate these artifacts of inspiration into her painting process

Contact Ariana at ariana@arianaschwartz.com with questions

Mar 7, 2010